Glens of Cnoc

Niamh earned her Rally Novice title 10/11

Niamh earned her Beginner Novice title 2/12

Niamh earned her Championship 4/12

Niamh earned her Novice Agility Preferred title 8/12

Niamh earned Novice Jumpers Preferred title 8/12

Kylee is the first Glen to earn a Rally Excellent title

Rally Novice 11/06,  Rally Advanced 11/07

Kylee earned her Companion Dog title 7/09

Kylee earned her Open FAST Agility title 5/12

Kylee earned her Novice Agility Preferred title 10/11

Kylee earned her Novice FAST Agility title 6/11

Kylee earned her Novice Jumpers Preferred title 11/10

Kylee earned her Championship title 4/06

Dermot earned his Beginner Novice Obedience title 7/11

Dermot earned his Grand Championship title 11/10

Dermot earned his Rally Excellent title 11/08

Rally Novice 4/06,  Rally Advanced 4/07

Dermot earned his Novice Jumpers Preferred 8/07

Dermot earned his Championship title 4/05

Train a terrier?  It is possible.  They may have an independent spirit, but with the right motivation a Glen can learn.